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Zirconia Oxygen Sensors

Novatech Oxygen sensors are Australian made and embody the research and development of one of Australia's premier research organisations, the CSIRO. These sensors are highly accurate and incorporate the world's most rugged zirconia sensor.


The zirconia oxygen sensor technology operates though a known voltage being generated through oxygen interaction with the ziconium when it is heated to over 700ºC.


The Novatech range includes in-situ heated probes and unheated probes for processes that run above 700ºC. Also avaliable are ceramic probes to allow operation in processes up to 1400ºC. These allow in-stack measurement without the need to extract a sample.


In applications that require a sample to be removed there is the option of a sampling system that incorporates the pump, filters and sensor in one enclosure.


All sensors are controled by an oxygen analyser/transmitter which also converts raw measurements into engineering units and output results though 4-20mA signals, Modbus RS485 and alarm relays.


These systems are perfect for flue gas analysis, combustion control and process monitoring

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Product Options

Zirconia Oxygen Sensors work in conjunction with the following control system.

  • Zirconia Oxygen Sensors

    1732 Analyser/Transmitter

    Oxygen Analyser / Transmitter for one or two oxygen probes.

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