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Gas Analysers

Group Instrumentation's range of gas analysers meet the needs of customers in three core areas:


  • Regulatory Compliance
    Industrial processes installing and operating continuous monitoring instrumentation to meet and/or exceed national and international legislative requirements.
  • Corporate Responsibility
    Industrial processes monitoring emissions to provide data for their own internally driven environmental programs and quality control procedures.
  • Process Improvement
    Industrial processes installing monitoring instruments to improve their process with a financial return.



Protea In-Situ

The purpose of flue gas analysis is to ensure environmentally friendly and economic operation of the process.


Included in Group Instrumentations range of gas analysers is the Protea series of continuous emission monitoring instruments that are designed for in stack analysis of mulitple gas phase emission components.


These minimal maintenance analysers are engineered to ensure reliable and repeatable results with low cost of ownership. Built in calibration checks and procedures allow the system to be fully tested ensuring confidence in mesurement readings.



Novatech Oxygen

The Novatech range of In-Situ Zirconia Oxygen Sensors and Analyser/Transmitters provide reliable operation in many Oxygen monitoring applications including combustion efficiency tuning and control.


The Novatech Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide Modified Atmosphere Packaging Analysers incorporate a novel Zirconia oxygen sensor and an infrared Carbon Dioxide measuring cell and is especially suited to quality assurance tests in the food and beverage or pharmaceutical packaging industry.



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Data Sheets

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