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Light Scatter

These instruments measure the scattered forward light from a laser source. The measurement volume in the sensor probe is positioned in a representative location within the stack. The scattered light response is directly proportional to dust concentration. The instrument optimises its resolution and zero drift characteristics, meaning accurate measurement below 0.1 mg/m3 as well as rugged operation in stacks where emissions exceed 100 mg/m3.


The ProScatterTM Forward Scatter technique used collects the total cone of scattered light from particles in the measurement volume. This patented measurement method increases the instruments signal to noise ratio giving high stabilty at even low dust concentrations (< 0.1mg/m3)


The instrument provides a precise measurement of particulate concentration. Unlike the probe-based light scattering technique, the measurement and detection volumes are larger, offering more resolution and better minimum dust level detection capabilities. In addition, ProScatterTM Forward Scatter technology greatly reduces the effect of changing particle size to calibration and measurement errors found in other Scattering, Opacity and Triboelectric based monitors.


These sensors are able to function in process temperatures up to 400ÂșC.

  • PCME QAL 181


    A Light Scatter technology dust monitor that can be operated with either a Mulitcontroller or Interface Module.


    The PCME QAL 181 has automatic self checks, built in logging and is fully calibratable to mg/m3.


    The system comes with MCERTS & TUV European approval certificates, and is compliant to PS-11 US EPA.

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Product Options

Light Scatter Sensors can be used with the following control unit options.

  • Light Scatter

    Multi-Channel Control Unit

    The Multicontroller allows operations of up to 16 sensors in the one control unit.

  • Light Scatter

    Single Channel Control Unit

    The Interface module controls a single sensor.

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