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Dynamic Opacity

PCME's range of Dynamic Opacity particulate emission monitors utilise the Scintillation measurement principle.


These continuous particulate monitors use the Dynamic Opacity Ratiometric opacity technology principle. This technique monitors the variation in the amount of received light from the light beam transmitted across the stack. The variation derives from the temporal distribution of particulate which attenuates the light beam. The instrument calculates the dynamic response (ratio of light variation to light intensity or obscuration).


This method has the added benefit that the measurement is unaffected by lens contamination. The instrument response, which is proportional to dust concentration, can also be calibrated to read in mg/m3 by reference to an Iso-kinetic sample (mass gravimetric technique).


These sensors are able to function in stacks and ducts up to 10 metres and process temperatures up to 400ÂșC.



  • PCME STACK 602


    A Dynamic Opacity technology dust monitor that can be operated with either a Mulitcontroller or Interface Module.


    The PCME STACK 602 has automatic self checks, built in logging and is fully calibratable to mg/m3. Also has % Opacity channel.


    The system comes with MCERTS & TUV European approval certificates. 

    Download >
  • PCME VIEW 580


    A Dynamic Opacity technology dust monitor with integrated control features in the sensor.


    The PCME VIEW 580 has automatic self checks and is calibratable to mg/m3.

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  • LEAK ALERT 480


    A Dynamic Opacity technology dust leak detector with integrated control features in the sensor.


    The LEAK ALERT 480 has manual self checks and outputs a trending 4-20mA signal to alert increases in dust concentration resulting from a filter leak.

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Product Options

Dynamic Opacity Dust Sensors can be used with the following control unit options.

  • Dynamic Opacity

    Multi-Channel Control Unit

    The Multicontroller allows operation of up to 16 sensors in the one control unit.

  • Dynamic Opacity

    Single Channel Control Unit

    The Interface Module controls a single sensor.

  • Dynamic Opacity

    Intergrated Control Unit

    In intergrated systems the Control Features are built into the Sensor.

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