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Modified Atmosphere Packaging - Portable

The 1637 MK2 portable oxygen and carbon dioxide analyser is the third generation of MAP gas analysers from Novatech. It incorporates a novel zirconia oxygen sensor and infrared carbon dioxide measuring cell.


This analyser brings a new level of automated gas sampling for the food and pharmaceutical industry by including features such as:


  • Blue Tooth data uploads
  • 200 product categories
  • Mains Power operation
  • Sample gas flow measurement and control
  • Large Graphic display
  • Performs automatic zero calibration when reading ambient air
  • Data memory for 3,700 measurements


The 1637 MK2 analyser comes with a variety of gas measurement ranges, covering oxygen from ppm levels to 100%, plus the option of CO2 at 0-100%.


The sample gas flow rate is measured using a true mass flow sensor, which allows the 1637 MK2 to maintain a constant flow rate and alarm if a blockage occurs.


The Novatech 1637 MK2 Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide Analysers are especially suited to food and beverage applications, including Head space analysis in closed packages, Head space analysis in cans and Continuous process measurement.

  • 1637 MK2


    Portable residual Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide Analyser.


    Comes with sample line, Needle and Filter.

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