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Dust Applications

PCME's range of particulate monitoring instrumentation encompasses many different technologies to provide the best solution for each application and provide enhanced benefits for users.


Below is a small list of common particulate monitoring applications, and an attached industry information sheet discussing the issues relevant to the specific industry and the benefits reliable emission monitoring can provide.


If your industry is not listed, please feel free to contact us to discuss your application.

Aluminium Industry

The production of Aluminium from the crushing of bauxite ore to the melting of aluminium facilitates the use of many high efficiency filters to prevent the emission of

particulate to the atmosphere.


To overcome the challenges associated with the successful monitoring of these filtration systems, PCME manufacture a number of instruments utilising Electrodynamic technology for use with bag filter systems and Dynamic Opacity solutions for electro-filters.

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Bag Filter Diagnostics

The maintenance of modern bag and cartridge filter systems is normally both a time consuming and costly activity often undertaken in unpleasant conditions with limited available time.


To overcome these problems, PCME supply an advanced Predictive Monitoring Solution used in conjunction with some of the world's most advanced particulate

measurement systems.

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Carbon Black Industry

The formulation of compounds used in many manufacturing processes including the production of tyres, toners, printing inks, paints and rubber products utilise Carbon Black, one of the most highly visible and contaminating powders used in manufacturing industry today.


Because of the potential for high levels of contamination if a filter fails, many manufacturers of these products, together with the manufactures of Carbon Black itself, have successfully installed Electrodynamic environmental particulate monitors post filter to enable them not only to comply with legislative monitoring requirements, but also to identify the failure of filter elements before serious levels of emissions occur.

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Cement Industry

PCME's involvement with the cement industry has lead to the development of many novel and unique solutions for particulate monitoring of baghouse and electrostatic precipitator emissions on main stacks and process plant.


Applications for process and environmental particulate monitoring in the cement manufacturing process include quarrying, kiln monitoring, coal mills, cement clinker milling, silos and other arrestment filter management systems.

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Dryer Applications

For many years, operators of drying process have sought to find the solution to the reliable measurement of particulate emissions from drying/cooling and agglomeration systems. Whether they be in the food, chemical or pharmaceutical industries, they have all found a common problem associated with their process, which is simply the moist conditions found in emission stacks together with the sticky nature of particles passing through systems, making the reliable monitoring of particulate emissions extremely difficult.


PCME has overcome monitoring problems associated with Spray Drying Processes, by developing a unique, patented fully insulated sensor incorporating Electrodynamic® non-contact, charge coupled, monitoring technology.

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Foundry Applications

To overcome the problems associated with monitoring the low levels of dust normally associated with the high efficiency bag filters used in foundry applications,

PCME's systems utilise a unique Electrodynamic® monitoring methodology incorporating a patented non-contact charge transfer technique. 

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Incineration Processes

PCME manufactured particulate emission instruments provide robust solutions for plant operators of the following incineration plants:-


Municiple waste incineration, Co-incineration processes, Chemical and industrial waste incineration, Medical waste incineration, Sewage sludge incineration and Cremation.

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Power Generation

The most common form of filtration found on coal-fired power station boilers is the Electro-Filter. These filters require special consideration when selecting a monitor, as their action alters the charge characteristics of the particulate and therefore will affect the response of probe-based dust monitors.


To overcome this issue, PCME manufacture Dynamic Opacity systems. These units provide a more sensitive response than traditional Opacity instruments and are less affected by particulate build-up on their optics, due to ratio-metric operation allowing them to work with their lenses 90% obscured.

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Steel Plants

PCME's involvement with the steel industry has lead to the development of many novel solutions for particulate monitoring of baghouse and electrostatic precipitator emissions on main stacks and process plant.


Applications for process and environmental particulate monitoring in the steel primary and finishing manufacturing process are found in sinter plants,coke making,  blast furnaces, basic oxygen furnace, steel casting, finishing and rolling, plus other arrestment filter management systems.

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Steel Mini Mills

Steel Mini-Mills normally employ multiple filters often in remote parts of the plant. To monitor these dust collectors, PCME manufacture a wide range of Electrodynamic instruments ranging from single channel units to multi-channel systems.


Applications for process and environmental particulate monitoring in the mini-mill furnace and casting shop, are also found in the continuous caster and the pit furnace. Additional monitoring may be required for the rolling mill scarfing machine, shotblasting and grinding machine, plus other arrestment filter management systems.

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