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Gas Applications

The Protea range of Continuous Emission Monitoring analysers are used in many applications, configured to monitor emission and process gas for both reporting and control. From single stand alone Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems to fully integrated plant wide monitoring and reporting Systems.


Below is a small list of common gas monitoring applications, and an attached industry information sheet discussing the issues relevant to the specific industry and the benefits reliable emission monitoring can provide.


If your industry is not listed, please feel free to contact us to discuss your application.

Bio Mass

The Protea range of analysers are used extensively in reporting and control applications in modern biomass plants. The flexible and reliable instruments forms the heart of the systems enabling CO, NO2, NO, SO2, H2O CO2, O2, Dust and Velocity to be measured.


The integrated CEM package reports both in ppm and mass measurements. Remote sites also utilises Protea's on-line remote support capability, enabling high level technical support to be accessed as required.

Cement & Lime

The Protea In-Situ Continuous Monitoring solution is ideal for both large and small kilns used in the Cement and Lime production. The analyser can monitor CO, NOx & SOx in applications with high Dust, CO2 & Water Vapour in the sample gas.


The flexibility of the Protea analysers enables the Instruments to be configured to meet the specific requirement of the customer. With the capability to monitor gas concentrations at elevated pressures and temperatures, make Protea products ideal for process applications in Chemical Industry applications.

Corrosive Cases

The Protea range of instruments are designed to monitor corrosive gases, in extreme applications. The material of construction of the Insitu cell can be supplied in Inconel or Hastelloy.

Hazardous Area Certification

Protea can also offer a range of Analysers suitable for operation in Potentially Explosive Atmosphere, certified to both ATEX and IEC standards.


The Insitu Continuous Emission Monitoring technique is ideal for control of incinerator scrubbing systems. The analysers are used on all the main categories of Thermal Oxidisers  and Incinerators in particular Domestic Garbage, Chemical Waste and Clinical Waste.

Scrubber Control

The insitu analyser benefits from fast response in monitoring Hydrogen Chloride (HCl) and is therefore used for feed forward control of scrubbing systems where reliability is paramount. In addition to HCl the analyser is capable of monitoring  other gases as required by the Local Environmental Protection Agency.


Maritime Emissions

Sulphur emissions from international shipping for all types of marine fuel are included in the Council Directive 2005/33/EC. The requirement for SO2 measurement is for emissions from Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems on a ship can be shown to be within acceptable limits.


Systems must be compliant where relevant with both MARPOL73/78 NOx technical code and IACS E10.

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Nitric Acid Measurement

To meet the global requirement championed by the KYOTO PROTOCOL to stabilise green house gases at safer levels, process plant operators are required to optimize their plant to achieve environmental improvements. Protea's products have been certified under international standards to meet the stringent requirements associated with Nitric Acid Processes.

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Paper & Pulp

A typical system can monitor emissions from the Power Boiler, Lime Kiln, Recovery Boiler and process control monitoring of the bleaching process.


The monitored concentrations are displayed on a central computer running Protea's Analyser Control for Windows network software, Environmental Emission reports can be generated automatically or on command. Data can be retransmitted in several formats to the plant DCS or SCADA.

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Power Stations

Protea have for many years manufactured solutions for the Power Industry with Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems (CEMS), used in all types of combustion plants. The analysers, ideal for both control and reporting functions, provide a reliable cost effective solution both in original capital expenditure and cost of ownership.


The In-Situ P2000 CEMS is installed on all types of Thermal Power Plants worldwide used for both Emission Reporting and Control

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Protea supplies the oil refining industry with both process and emission monitoring analysers to meet a wide range of applications. The number of applications are enhanced by the unique feature of the Protea In-situ product which has been approved by both ATEX & IEC for zone 1 hazardous areas.


Protea's leading edge technologies enable reliable and cost effectively solutions for process and CEM applications in refineries.


The requirements in the Steel Industry are very varied, Protea has gained experience in many applications from Sinter Plants to Rolling Mills. The combination of reliability and flexibility enables the Multi Component In-Situ Continuous Monitoring to meet the requirements of the end-user and local Environmental Agency.

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