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Oxygen Analyser Systems

Optimum combustion reduces your fuel bill and helps the whole world and future generations by reducing harmful greenhouse gas emissions.


With this in mind, Novatech Controls initiated the development of an oxygen transmitter based on zirconia oxygen sensing research by the Australian government research body, the CSIRO.


Since 1982, Novatech has invested vast amounts of its resources into developing the world's leading range of zirconia based oxygen sensors, analysers and transmitters. This development work has the strong foundation of the world's most robust zirconia oxygen sensor.


Novatech's research team is augmented by several large organisations including the CSIRO, several power authorities' research centres, the Aeronautical Research Laboratories and several academic institutions of technology.


The range of In-Situ Zirconia Oxygen Sensors and Analyser/Transmitters provide reliable operation in many Oxygen monitoring applications including combustion efficiency tuning and control.


The Novatech Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide Modified Atmosphere Packaging Analysers incorporate a novel Zirconia oxygen sensor and an infrared Carbon Dioxide measuring cell and is especially suited to quality assurance tests in the food and beverage or pharmaceutical packaging industry.


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